for every member of the family


It is our hope that you find C3AG a welcoming home for you and your family. We have many opportunities for you to worship, grow, and serve.

Each Sunday we have worship services at 10:30AM and 6PM. We are a multicultural church (20 nations and counting). As such you will see and hear worship in many languages and with many expressions. You will see some in shorts, some in suits, and some in native dress. We encourage you to come however you are most comfortable.

Our Wednesday night classes are a time to learn and grow. There are opportunities to build relationships as you gain an understanding of who we are and what we believe. Most of the year, our classes run in two month sessions. You are free to select the class that would be most beneficial to you. That might be a men’s or women’s study, a marriage class, or a book study from the Bible. Whatever you choose, come and grow in your faith.

C3AG makes service an integral part of our DNA. We have opportunity to serve in a local prison, in a homeless shelter, to ladies working in the sex industry, and many many other places.

It is our goal to build a strong multicultural church in the Louisville area. At this time we have a service in french (African) that meets on Saturday nights at 5:30PM. We believe we will have other cultural/language services in the near future. See the link below for more information on our french speaking (Francophone) service.

Follow the link below to be redirect to the Francophone page (in French).


7:00pm every Wednesday night in the Life Center room at C3AG

The word “Airo” is a Greek word meaning to “Rise Up”. Jesus used this word in Luke 4:24, speaking to a crowd, encouraging them to rise up and be different from the world around them. Here at C3AG, we believe our students are the church of TODAY, with the capacity to rise up and change their world. Airo Student Ministry is for ages 6th grade and up. When you come in, you can expect to be welcomed into a lively atmosphere, full of students from all walks of life.


What is C3 Kids? It’s a place where children 8 weeks to 5th grade can learn the Word of God on a level they understand! Our childrens classes run parallel with our adult services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

What can you expect? It’s an exciting environment full of children and leaders from different cultures, different backgrounds, all following after God. When you walk into the lobby of C3AG, you will be welcomed by trained volunteer childrens workers who are eager to help you register and assign your child to their class. We design each age level class specifically with them in mind.
C3 Babies: 8 weeks – 3 years old.
C3 Littles: 4-5 years old.
C3 Kids Worship: 1st- 5th grade.

On Wednesday evenings, we break our C3 Kids group into smaller classes, split into boys and girls: Royal Rangers (Boys) and Girls Ministries. These classes are similar to Boys and Girls Scouts.

To give you more information on the style of these classes, we’ve attached the links for the class to the national website